SafeTails Collars

Introducing our OceanWeave collection, available in a variety of vibrant colors these collars are made from recycled fishing nets. Designed to keep your feline friend safe, these collars feature a patented breakaway mechanism that opens in all critical situations.

Cat ID Tags

Rose Gold ID Tag
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Recycled Nylon

Nylon can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, ensuring that the collar remains intact even during rough play or outdoor adventures. All our nylon products are recycled from old plastics ensuring that our products are sustainable and good for the planet.

Approved and recommended by the Schweizerische Tiermeldezentrale

Customer testimonials

Check out what our SafeTails community has to say

Amanda Bird

"I absolutely love the breakaway safety collar I purchased for my cat! The design is not only adorable but also gives me peace of mind knowing that my fur baby is safe.”

Maria Kent

“The breakaway mechanism has proven to be a lifesaver multiple times when my cat got caught on branches during his outdoor adventures.”

Lisa Dean

“A fantastic investment for any cat owner!”